baby massage

what is baby massage?

Baby massage is is an ancient tradition of providing gentle, rhythmic stroking of your baby's body with your hands. Babies love to be touched and need physical contact for healthy growth and development.

Massage is a wonderful opportunity to learn strokes and techniques that will communicate a sense of love and security to your child along with many physical benefits that support healthy development.

A regular routine of infant massage can offer additional benefits to both the parent or caregiver and child. Nurturing touch promotes physiological, neurological and psychological development and function, helps soothe common discomforts, aids restful sleep for the infant (and in turn the caregivers), and increases healthy attachment and bonding.

The soothing strokes of your hands stimulate the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin in you and your baby. Oxytocin is the hormone that gives you that warm, loving feeling when you hold your baby close or breastfeed. When oxytocin floods your body, it helps you and your baby to form a close bond.

In addition to the many physical benefits, massage can become a regular time for parents to check in with baby, alerting them to subtle changes in baby's health, and encouraging parents to communicate with baby in a language they understand - touch. If massage is a regular scheduled time of the day, it can also result in precious relaxation time for both parent and child.

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We offer individual and group treatments to suit your requirement.

IAIM Standard 5 weeks courses:
one-to-one private session

(with Postnatal care Reflexology)

  • - Initial consultation 1.5 hours
  • - Baby Massage & Relaxation
  • - Reflexology 1 hour

private group / coffee group session

  • - Initial consultation 1.5 hours
  • - Baby Massage & Relaxation
      Reflexology 1 hour

Home visits available on request.

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